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How can I get to the school?
School is located 5 minutes from Admiralteyskaya metro station and 10 minutes from Nevskiy prospect metro station. We are located in the business centre “Lidval” right near the Palace square.

Where do the host families live?
The host families mostly live 2-4 metro stations away from the school or in 15-20 walking distance.

What time should I arrive to the school on my first day?
If you book a group course, you need to arrive at least at 9.55
If you book one-to-one course, our manager will tell you the time of arrival.

What should I bring with me on my first day?
You should bring 1 small-sized picture for a student card, passport and migration card for the registration. On your first day we will give you our branded bag with a pen, notebook and some souvenirs inside. The teacher will give you the materials needed on the lesson.

How much is the one way ride in subway
1 ride is 35 RUB, you should go to the cashier, pay 35 RUB and get a special coin, which you put into the turnstile.

How can I get a subway card?
You can easily get a subway card at any branch of St. Petersburg’s subway, at the cashier. You should ask for a “CARTA PODOROZHNIK” ( Podorozhnik subway card) or just “ MOZHNO KUPIT’ CARTU” ( my I buy a card). The card itself is 60 RUB and acts as a wallet, you charge it and enjoy your rides.

Where can I withdraw rubles?
You can easily withdraw rubles in most of the ATM of the city, but be careful with the exchange rate.

How can I make an account and a bank card?
In the city center the majority of banks consultants can speak some basic English, however in order to be sure about all the data and transaction details it’s better to bring a Russian friend with you. Or Ask one of our managers to help you.

Where can I buy cheap souvenirs?
Certainly do not go for the city center shops, the price there will be escalated . You cn=an check out the DOM KNIGY Дом Книги on the Nevsky Prospect or a flea market at Udel’naya metro station. You can also go for Gostinniy Dvor shoping center for more exquisite souvenirs .

Where do most foreigners go?
Hermitage, Erarta, St. Isaak’s cathedral. You can meet a lot of foreigners on Nevsky prospet. Also, an irish pub O’Hooligans on Bolshaya Konyushena is place where you can bump into a lot of overseas guests, especially on Fridays.

Where are the bars and clubs?
Mostly on Dumskaya and Rubinshteina street. But you can check out other places or ask a manager of ours).

Can I get discount for museums?
You can get discount for visiting museums, exhibitions and some other services if you have a student card. We provide all our students with such kind of card.

Is there a medical facility where doctors speak englsih?
+7 812 327 0301, 60, Suvorovsky prospect. Euromed clinic

What are the working days for shops?
Official services like administrative facilities work from Monday to Friday, but everything else is working 7 days per week.

How cold is it in winter?
Average temperature for winter months in St. Petersburg is -10 degrees Celcius. But it’s humid here, so pack some nice sweaters and a scarf!

Is there a shop with imported food?
Stockman supermarket ( Cтокман) is a place for you.

What are the working hours for shops etc during New Year holidays?
It is hard to tell, but official holidays will last from the 1st of January till 8th . Some shops might start working after the 3rd .

Why Russians don’t smile?
Oh, but we do! It’s just we don’t waste our smiles)

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