Russia Day, June 12

The History of Russia Day

If you decide to visit Russia in summer, you may witness the celebration of Russia Day, which is a public holiday celebrated on June 12 since 2002. That day, the new Labor Code of the Russian Federation came into force. Although Russia Day is a relatively new holiday, it has a long history behind it.
Its origins send us back to June 12, 1990 when the Declaration of State Sovereignty of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic was adopted. The passage of this Declaration by the First Congress of People’s Deputies marked the beginning of constitutional reform in the Russian Soviet state.
Adoption of the new name of the country — the Russian Federation or Russia, the new Constitution reflecting new political realities and the state symbols became important milestones in strengthening of the Russian statehood.
However, only in 1992, the Supreme Soviet of Russia proclaimed June 12 as a national holiday. Subsequently, in 1998, under a presidential decree the holiday was officially named “Russia Day”.


How Russia Day is celebrated?

russia day in st petersburgFor the first time the main celebrations dedicated to anniversary of the adoption of the Declaration for the state sovereignty of Russia took place on the Red Square, Moscow, in 2003.
Since then, Russia Day is traditionally celebrated with mass festivities, sport events and musical concerts.

Another important tradition for the celebration is the Annual State Award Ceremony, taking place in Kremlin. During the ceremony, the president hands awards for the achievements in the field of science and technologies, literature, art and humanitarian activity.

Since 2007, a public event called “Russian Tricolor” is held annually on Russia Day. During this event, people on the streets of many Russian cities are handed with ribbons with the pattern of the national flag.

Overall, it is certain that Russia Day has become an important milestone that attracts not only residents of the country, but also people who visit Russia as tourists or study in Russia.


Russia Day in St Petersburg

If you decide to visit St. Petersburg or are already here as a tourist or student, on June 12 there are many interesting and spectacular events here.


Festival of national cuisines

russia day food-fest15 outdoor restaurants will present an abundance of dishes of Belarusian, Lithuanian, Armenian, Azerbaijani and many other cuisines. Chefs will delight guests of the festival with an Uzbek pilaf, a Chuvash festive pie hoop, an Azerbaijani shashlyk, an Armenian aylazan.

Here you can enjoy not only tasting culinary masterpieces, but also learn the basics of their preparation under the guidance of professionals. The program includes concerts of famous artists.


International Flower Festival

russia day flower-festOn June 12, at 14:00, a Parade of Flowers and Orchestras will be held on Nevsky Prospect and turned into a defile on Palace Square. The whole event will be completed with a gala concert “The Ball of Flowers”.

Also, an exhibition of flower art objects on Senate Square will be opened. Free entrance.


Festival “Battle on the Neva”

russia day battle on NevaOn this Day, it’s impossible to do without recreating famous historical events. “Battle on the Neva” is timed to this holiday. For two days, on July 13 and 14, the era of the knightly Middle Ages will reign within the walls of the Peter and Paul Fortress. Horses, knights in armor, loyal squires, beautiful ladies, jesters and minstrels will all gather for the tournament. Guests can also visit the rich historical fair of artisans and craftsmen. Free entrance.

Inessa Rakita
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