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anastasiaOn my lessons I use a variety of teaching materials: audio, manuals, tutorials etc. We do different tasks, discuss interesting themes and play games for better assimilation of information. I’m sure – grammar is important, but even more importantly, is being able to use it. That is why I combine the study of the rules with speaking practice.

Anastasia Nikulina

Teaching at Educa since 2014

nataliaNot only a teacher teaches students, my students teaches me many fascinating things too! I love to learn something new and improve the teaching methods I use on the lessons. It’s great to see how people from different countries, with different mindsets start communicating in Russian from the very first lesson .I adore my profession!

Natalya Kalyabina

Teaching at Educa since 2016

Educa Language School Russian TeacherI’m active, broad-minded and competent teacher. I love my job because it allows me to spread Russian! It’s amazing to teach your native language to foreigners. On the lessons we study not only grammar, we discuss Russian culture, history and anything of interest for the students. I strive for the contentment in my job and the main goal for me in teaching is to see the results of my students!

Natalya Dolgasheva

Teaching at Educa since 2013

ninaMy goal as a teacher is to organize amusing lessons for my students, to provide them with the materials of current interest and to gain excellent results together! That’s why I do my best to encourage all students to work on the lessons and keep them in a positive mood during the course. I enjoy watching my students’ progress in studying Russian and discovering Russia. It’s a real pleasure to know that I was a part of this process!

Nina Veremko

Teaching at Educa since 2015

Educa School Russian TeacherI try to convey my professionalism and experience to the students as much as possible. The main goal of my activity is to make learning Russian comfortable and interesting. Together we will improve our language skills step by step and apply it in real life situations. And it is my duty to support students at all stages of study at all times. Every student for me is a unique person and I also learn something new every day. It’s an amazing mutual exchange of knowledge.

Valeria Kasyanova

Teaching at Educa since 2017

Educa School Russian Language TeacherBeing really passionate about my job, I profoundly believe that the studying process has to be creative as much as possible. That’s why during my classes you will not only learn about those 6 grammar cases (that always terrify foreigners), but also about the history of Russian literature and cinema – from the classical period to nowadays. Hope to make both our indoor/outdoor lessons truly memorable!

Polina Ivanova

Teaching at Educa since 2018

Educa Language School TeacherI try to tailor each of my lessons, because each student is unique and has different life experiences and language skills.
I believe the studying process should be both enjoyable and effective. The most important element in language study is motivation and openness to learning. I love the Russian language and Russian culture. I’m looking forward to sharing it with you in the most magnificent Russian city on Earth.

Anastasia Tutikova

Teaching at Educa since 2018

Russian Language Teacher at Educa SchoolMy main task as a teacher is to define the goals of the student and help him to complete them. I am responsible for the progress of learning process, preparation of the program with appropriate materials tailored to the individual needs of the student, and – providing high level of motivation in the learning process. I always use the class time as efficient as possible – time is money, especially nowadays!

Olga Borsheva

Teaching at Educa since 2017

I’ve been teaching foreign languages for nearly 8 years including 4 years of Russian as a Foreign Language. My basic principles are: Contact & Joy. Developing contact with students helps me understand their needs and style of learning better. The enjoyment that a lesson brings the students boosts the results and simply makes people feel happy.

Natalia Vetlugina

Teaching at Educa since 2008

I’ve been tutoring foreign languages (English, Finnish and RFL) for nearly 5 years. Having an experience of studying abroad I understand what does it feel to live and learn in another country, so I try to help students to adopt here. Learning is the matter of cooperation, so I try to listen and understand my students and their needs. I always want them to understand, feel and enjoy our language, because ‘Learning is experience. Everything else is just information.’ (Albert Einstein )

Ekaterina Pikelner

Teaching at Educa since 2010

My overall teaching experience has by now reached 8 years. I have worked as an RFL teacher for 6 years already. My Russian language teaching is based on profound knowledge and deep respect towards my native culture combined with the cutting edge principles of modern European methodology and general broad outlook. I am sure I can both find an involving piece of Russian culture for everyone and train you in whatever language and communication topic you might need adapting it to your requirements and interests.

Georgy Petrenko

Teaching at Educa since 2009

I’ve got my first degree as a teacher of Russian language and literature in 1998. Since that time many things have changed but teaching languages is still my passion.
I will accompany you in your fascinating trip over Russian language and culture and make you feel comfortable with the grammar and pronunciation. Having a solid background of work in the international companies I will adjust to your needs and give you the most important knowledge you may use in your work or during travelling.

Irina Limonova

Teaching at Educa since 2012

Welcome) I’m a teacher and translator of Russian,Spanish,English languages. I can help the alien to learn Russian as well as give a city tour in St. Petersburg. I will tell you a lot of fascinating and intriguing about Russian and about Russia!

Ekaterina Batisheva

Teaching at Educa since 2013

Hi! I have been teaching foreign languages for about 10 years including Russian as a Foreign Language. I believe it gives students comfort, if they know, their teacher had to learn foreign words and grammatical rules as hard as they do. So I really understand your anxiety, psychological or language barriers. Like in one computer game you will come to the next level of language and enthusiastically tell your friends and relatives about your success! Let’s be wrapped up in adventure of Russian!

Ekaterina Kryahova

Teaching at Educa since 2010

My experience in tutoring foreign languages has by now reached 10 years, and for 5 years I’ve been tutoring RFL. In tuition I firstly value Utility and Interest. I pay closest attention to students’ requirements as well as their interests and hobbies, and from me they’ll never learn something they don’t need. I’ll teach you to survive and be successful in Russia – and use your own interests to make our lessons INTERESTING.

Ekaterina Golovanova

Teaching at Educa since 2009

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