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Memorize Russian words When you study abroad in Russia, you expect your progress to come quickly. However, without hard work it is not always possible to learn Russian language as fast as you want it to be. You learn grammar at school in Saint Petersburg, but when you want to speak freely with a native, something goes wrong. Probably, the lack of vocabulary interferes with your successful communication.

We asked the teachers of EDUCA Russian Language School to share some useful tips for memorizing Russian words. Choose some of them or better use all the tips to empower your Russian language.

When learning a language, it is important to focus not only on grammar, but also on expanding vocabulary. New words are new opportunities for communication and an increase in self-confidence. When you are sure that you know numbers of words in Russian, you are always ready to join the conversation.

After the discussion with our teachers, we made a conclusion that there are no secret methods or magic, only working methods. Here the ones that are really working:

1. Stickers.
The first day you arrive to Saint Petersburg to study language abroad, buy sticky notes. When you move in, stick every object in the place you are staying at. It is easy if you have host family accommodation in Russia as the hosts will help you name everything that you do not know how to call.
Every time you look at the object, you will read its name and memorize it very quickly. When you understand that you already remember the word without looking at the note, you can remove it. By the end of the Russian language course, you will learn how to name all essential objects surrounding you.

2. Using the word in the context
There are words that mean an abstraction. It is something that we cannot see or touch. It makes it a little difficult to learn, as you cannot see it even if you learn Russian language in Russia.
To remember the word, you should not only know the translation, but also clearly understand how to use it. It is only possible when you use the word in a collocation or a sentence. During the Russian Language course, you will learn numbers of words, but it does not mean that you will memorize them forever. To avoid the leakage of your newly learned vocabulary, just make up a couple of sentences with all new words when you come back after Russian classes.

3. Discussing the topic with Russian speaking people
The previous tip requires spending a couple of hours at home and doing extra work for a better result. If you want to learn in a way with more fun, you can try this tip. While learning abroad, do not forget to make local friends if you do not have any already. When you meet them after your Russian classes, ask them to discuss the topic you have learnt and use the new vocabulary in your speech. Your Russian friend will correct you if you say something wrong.
Real conversation is the best way to memorize the vocabulary. This is, by the way, the reason for many students to travel to Russia and learn the language abroad.

4. Talking to yourself
This tip is for you if you travel to Russia alone and you did not have a chance to make friends here yet. When you are at home or at the place of your stay, try to comment everything you do and name everything you see. It may sound crazy, but it really works. Students studying abroad do not study all the time, so why not spend another minute practicing the language.

5. Associations

Human brain is a wonderful thing. It can see the similarities between things when if there is no reason for that. We can use it for learning! You have your native language and you can use it for learning Russian language. When you see the new word during the Russian classes and you want to remember it – make up an association!
For example, the word «Потолок» which means ceiling sounds a bit like «Pot o’ lock». Just imagine a locked pot in your head! Ridiculous, but believe me, you will not forget the word as soon as you do it!

I hope these tips will make the process of studying Russian language more effective for you. The more you practice, the higher your level is! Take the most of your learning abroad.

Irina Galimova
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