Easter Sunday in Russia

Easter is a bright holiday of the resurrection of Christ. This holiday came to Russia from Byzantium together with baptism at the end of X century. Since then, this Christian holiday is celebrated widely, beautifully and solemnly.

easter in russia churchOn the eve of Easter, all churches hold all-night vigils and religious procession around the Church. By this time, the traditional festive pastries are baked already in all houses and all the eggs are painted. These traditional festive pastries symbolize a body of the Christ.

In the morning, people visit neighbors, friends and families, giving each other painted eggs. On this day you can hear everywhere a few phrases: “Khristos voskres!” (Христос Воскрес – Christ is risen!) and the answer “Voistinu voskres” (Воистину Воскрес – Truly He is risen!).

This custom of greeting-congratulations, followed by hugs and kisses, it was called “christening – kiss of peace”. Christian Easter feast lasts seven days and it is called the Holy week or Sedmitsa (Седьмица).

easter in russiaEaster is a day of abundant foods. After the Great Lent, the most delicious dishes are on the table on this day. The ritual dishes are the main ones: festive pastries and painted eggs.

The egg, which is traditionally painted in red color and its shades, became a mandatory attribute and a symbol of the Christian Easter in the XII century.

A cake is always baked of yeast dough, it should be high and round. Cake’s top is decorated with the image of the cross.

It is believed that if the Easter bread is delicious, the family will be happy. The cake should be cut across, not down to keep a decorated top to cover the rest of the cake.

easter russia


And, of course, according to the old Russian custom during these Easter days people should make gifts to the poor people and people in charity houses, orphanages, hospitals and prisons.

Wanderers should not be deprived either, because the people say “from Easter to ascension Christ wanders the earth with the apostles, experiencing the mercy and kindness of everyone.”

Margarita Kozyar
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