About St. Petersburg

The most beautiful city in Russia

Saint Petersburg, Russia

St Petersburg, a city with many names and faces, is one of the most inspiring cities in the world. Founded by Peter the Great in 1703, it is a truly majestic city filled with its magnificent palaces, glorious cathedrals, stunning bridges and canals. It was the capital of the Russian Empire for more than 200 years and the cradle of the Russian Revolution as well.

A sense of history, glory, grace and heroism,

not to mention decadence, intrigue and rebellion still surrounds you as you walk down Nevsky Prospekt and imagine the city’s departed leaders, aristocrats, artists, musicians, writers, revolutionaries, heroes and villains. St. Petersburg has seen and experienced it all and each and every building, street and corner has its own fascinating story to tell.

Being the cultural capital of Russia,

St. Petersburg also has music, dance, theatre, prose and poetry running through its veins. A visit to the Hermitage, the Mariinsky or one of the many other museums and theatres will testify to that. There is a wealth of cultural treasures waiting to be admired and enjoyed.

St. Petersburg is not just about looking back.

The ‘Window on Europe’ has always had an eye on the future. It is a vibrant and modern metropolis bursting with excitement, colourful nightlife, trendy clubs, bars and restaurants and great concerts of all types of music.

Although the celebration of life continues all year long, it’s especially during the famous ‘White Nights’ that both the sun and the city keep on shining for 24 hours. In short, St. Petersburg has everything to offer and will enchant and exhilarate those who have the pleasure of visiting.

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