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Despite the controversial political issues Russia still remains one of the biggest players on international markets what makes it one of the most popular destination for an internship.

St Petersburg is the second biggest city in Russia and also known as Cultural Capital of our country. It has a great range of companies and spheres where you can experience yourself and get essential skillset for your successful future.

But above all, the core advantage of doing an internship in Russia is the big interest of Russian employers in international workers what can play right into your hands if you are interested in staying in Russia.

We offer:

  • Internship placement (individual practice selection)
  • Experience in different spheres
  • Effective Russian classes
  • Personal manager
  • Long-term visa assistance
  • Accomodation & Transfer
  • 24 hour emergency number
  • Social and Cultural activities
  • Any other assistance if needed

Our city will be especially interesting for those who are looking for an Art or Architecture internship.

World famous museums, the origins of Russian Ballet School, masterpieces of Architecture, contemporary art galleries and exhibitions and a great number of companies working in this sphere.
You can get a placement everywhere just tell us what is yours!
For example, you can join the famous volunteering service of the Hermitage and become a part of the multinational museum team in Saint Petersburg!

Internships in IT Sphere:

IT Specialist

Java Developer

Android Developer


Internships in Art & Design Sphere:

Graphic Designer

Internships in Ecology:


Internships in Hotel Management:


Volunteer Programs:

Hermitage Volunteer

Children of St. Petersburg Volunteer

Red Cross Volunteer

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from 165
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