Russian Visa Support

Applying for a Russian visa


The requirements for Russian visa applications in the applicant’s country of origin are as follows –


  • visa application form (downloadable PDF forms in English non-US citizens, English US citizens, French, German, Spanish, Italian, .gif form in Turkish) (some Russian Consulates accept only computer filled forms)
  • invitation (visa support letter) provided by Educa
  • valid passport (six months after the Russian visa expiry date)
  • one recent passport-sized photo
  • health insurance certificate (only required by some Russian Consulates).


visaThe visa fee depends on the pricing policy at a given consulate and the speed of processing. To locate your nearest Russian Consulate, please, check or


Visa Support


The type of visa and its processing time depends on the duration of your stay, so check this section carefully before choosing the start date of your course.


Length of stayCourse starting dayVisa typeInvitation process-
ing time
Extend-abilityHIV test certificate
Up to 30 daysMin 7 days after enrollmentTourist single-entryUp to 5 days (postage time included)Non-
Not required
Up to 90 daysMin 6 weeks after enrollmentShort-term student single-entryUp to 5 weeks (postage time included)ExtendableNot required
Up to 1 yearMin 6 weeks after enrollmentLong-term student multiple-entryUp to 5 weeks (postage time included)ExtendableNot required




The law states that all visitors’ passports and visas have to be registered within 7 working days upon arrival. EDUCA take full responsibility for the registration of their students with the local authorities. Registration normally takes up to two working days.

Until the registration is complete, students are provided with stamped copies of their passport, visa and migration card, as well as with a letter from EDUCA which is used as a temporary identity certification.  During this period please, consult a member of staff at EDUCA before attempting to do any banking if identification is required.