Speak Russian from the beginning

Teaching Methodology

We offer a wide range of programs which are flexible and have the ability to satisfy any student’s needs.

Still, all the programs are built on several main principals which originate in the latest researches in psycholinguistics and are based on the theory of natural learning of a language.

According to it, a person remembers the elements of a language in the context of a life situation and his/her role in the society much easier and is able to quickly reproduce it when needed – e.g. iin a similar situation.

The main methodological principals at EDUCA are the following:

1. Starting speaking Russian from the very beginning.

Every lesson contains full set of language elements used in typical everyday situations and by the end of the class students master communicating in a particular situation(s) using the relevant grammar and vocabulary taught during the lesson.

Some controversial aspects of grammar and vocabulary are practiced in guided roleplays until students understand and master it in the correct context (including cultural apprehension).

2. Learning to speak even if making grammatical and lexical mistakes.

The mistakes made in speech are worked through step by step in speaking activities (presentations and opinions exchanges) targeted on practicing particular vocabulary, grammar and collocations.

3. Practical Grammar and Vocabulary are taught through communicative tasks, even when there is a lot of rules to learn by heart.

Students are never made to cram the rules, they’re taught to orient themselves quickly in the communication and use the words and the rules live.

4. Learning to speak modern spoken Russian.

It is certainly the language of well-educated native speakers, but we don’t teach our students to speak the language of Tolstoy, Dostoievsky and Chekhov which was spoken one hundred years ago.

The distinction between formal and informal communication, written and spoken language is made clear though and the students are taought to chose the communicative pattern appropriate to the situation.

5. Russian Culture Studies

The students are provided with the knowledge on the latest tendencies in Russian culture and society and also on some historical, geographical and other aspects which help understand the “mysterious Russian soul” while socializing.

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