Museums in St Petersburg

Unique and unusual museums in St Petersburg

As you may know, St Petersburg is often called “the city of museums”, because its citizens and guests have an exclusive opportunity to admire unique historical and cultural expositions every day.
If you’ve already visited the Hermitage and the Russian museum many times and want to experience something not really touristy but also interesting, this article about the most curious museums will be definitely helpful for you!


Unique and unusual museums in St. PetersburgVodka Museum

The first museum in Russia that is particularly dedicated to this well-known strong alcohol drink.

Here you’ll have an opportunity to learn about drinking traditions in Russia and how vodka was integrated in Russian life throughout the history.

This museum will give you an impressive insight into both Russian culture and history. You should definitely add this museum to your “to go ” list!


Where: 4, Konnogvardeyiski boulevard
Working hours: daily from 12pm till 7pm


museums in St PetersburgThe museum of Soviet Arcade Machines

This one would be curious for anyone who is interested in Russian life in Soviet times.

The most nostalgic museum for Russians, it consists of more than 40 Soviet arcade games you can play.

You’ll also have an opportunity to try a vintage soda from a vending machine that Soviet children were drinking instead of Coke or Pepsi!

Where: 2 Konyushennaya square
Working hours: from 11am till 8 pm



Unique museums in St PetersburgMuseum Russia In World War I

Another fascinating museum that would be interesting for people who like history.

This museum gives an insight to everything that happened in World War I and the role Russia played in it.

Here you will see more than 2 000 pieces and have an opportunity to study about the most crucial happenings during that time like the legendary ‘attack of dead’. It is definitely worth to visit!


Where: Pushkin, Fermskaya road 5
Working hours: from 10 am till 6pm


unusual museums in St PetersburgMuseum of St Petersburg avant-guard

This museum would be interesting for everyone who is curious about art and Russian avant-guard.

This museum covers all the stages of the development avant-guard culture in Russia and its diversity in St Petersburg.

You will see books, photos, manifests and other unique materials that cover the formation of this art direction in Russia.

Where: Professora Popova street 10
Working hours: daily from 11 am till 6pm


Unique and unusual museums in St PetersburgSigmund Freud Museum of dreams in St Petersburg

The exposition of this museum is devoted to Freud’s ideas and theories about dreams, intentions and feelings.

It explores psychoanalysis and psychic reality and its exhibition surfaces are constructed in a way that it can be redesigned according to the visitor’s imagination.

It is a must-visit for everyone who is interested in psychology and science!


Where: Bolshoi Prospect of the Petrgrad side, 2 18A
Working hours: tue, mon, sun from 12pm till 5 pm

Julia Potoskaya
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