Learning Russian via Skype

What can be more exciting, than opportunity to be in two places at once? Perhaps, being able to use these circumstances to gain knowledge and control over your life. When it comes to using all the advantages of our technological era, software that encourages learning will stand out of the wide range of devices and tools that enrich our existence.


As you may know already, Skype is a software application and Internet protocol that allows people to communicate by voice, video and instant messaging over the Internet. There has been a vast employment of this tool for different purposes, but today let us talk about learning languages, Russian specifically, using this wonderful gift of 21st century.


Let’s be honest, you may think that learning Russian language is very time-consuming and unnecessary. I’ll be happy to disappoint you, it’s not true! Right now, Russian language is indispensable in your arsenal of skills. Russian Federation is one of the main players on the world map of economics, manufacturing, science, and of course, cultural products. In pursuit of a great career opportunity or travelling options, knowledge of Russian will not only make your colleagues and friends’ eyes pop in admiration, but will grant you competitive advantage that can change your life. But since you are all busy and multitasking, searching for a new adventure or rediscovering old ones… Download Skype during lunch break, so you can enjoy sitting on your favorite sofa and talking to an interesting person about fascinating culture and language.


You may ask, why Skype? I will answer this question step by step. I can imagine, that nowadays time is the most precious treasure a person can own, moreover, we do not like to waste it 😉 Skype can offer you a portable connection with tutor any time and place you are comfortable with, thus not ruining your daily routine, but enabling you to move around and control your schedule. Something urgent came up? You stuck in a traffic jam? Argh, what a pity, but hey, you can call your teacher right from the car and learn some vocabulary about directions, vehicles, or (if you are really pissed off) some naughty slang. By the way, Russia is officially separated for 9 time zones, so you will definitely find a perfect match to your schedule J­


Also I would like to point out, that Russian is a very interesting and deep language. It can help you find words to describe moods and actions that do not have proper name in your native language. Let’s take a quick example. According to Thesaurus a simple word “SUN” has 9 English synonyms. Well, Russian “СОЛНЦЕ” has 15, all with different tones of meaning you can choose from. Sounds pretty amazing, right? Native speaker will in details explain you the difference and relevance of those meanings, so you can impress others during conversation. Besides, when you have a voice or video call (both are available on Skype) you can learn not only from the definition, but intonation and facial expression, which means full interaction with tutor and subject. A very delightful addition is that Russian is now one of 9 languages that Skype can translate in real time. Isn’t it comfortable? No need for translator in case of urgency.


There are other advantages of learning Russian online system, such as low cost, study in group option and easy teaching material transfer. All this you will adjust to your needs and interests. Some prefer to work on subject alone- others would like a company, same with costs and teaching material (Btw, Educa school already has a huge database of materials). The great magic of Skype is that the knowledge you desire is just in the reach of your hand, literally. Obviously, it is more effective to organize Skype lessons for a more or less long term period. Thus you will be able to absorb more precious knowledge and practice what you already have learnt.


Can you imagine all this happening to you? Having a nice and productive time studying Russian via Skype in the atmosphere of your own choice, tutor of your own choice and a tailored teaching program that will completely match your needs! Most likely, you will find companionship in the community of online learning and start planning your trip to Russia very soon, after communicating with lovely Russian tutors. Basically, using Skype for teaching purposes is like having a pen pal, but better, since you don’t have to wait days for response. You can always write down a short message with a question or simply keep in touch with your tutor. It is your time and your decision how to spend it. We would just like to inform you on the quickest way to break borders of boredom or shyness in order to explore the world, culture and meet great people. It is easier than you think!

Svetlana Sharina
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