Internship in Hermitage Museum

Internship in Hermitage Museum of St Petersburg

Art is closer than you think! Become a part of the history on our Internship and Volunteer programs in the Hermitage museum.

Since its foundation, the Volunteer Service of the Hermitage  has become essential to the smooth running of the museum. The Service regularly cooperates with various departments including the International Archaeology and Antiquities departments.

Our volunteers come from various countries including The United States, France, Germany, Great Britain, Spain, Italy, China, Pakistan, Peru, The United Arab Emirates and of course Russia. Covering a broad age-range, our volunteers include but are not limited to students, linguists, art historians and journalists.


Vacancy:Volunteer (Archeology, Antiquities, Fine Arts)
Minimum Duration:1 month
Needed experience:none
Skype Interview:no

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