Easter in Russia

Easter celebration in Russia

Russia is famous for its pompous celebration of some holidays and Easter is not an exception. It is beloved by both religious and non-religious people all around the country.

Easter in Russia

Easter is a bright day of celebration of the resurrection of Christ. This holiday came to Russia from Byzantium along with the christening in the end of 10th century. Since that times Easter has been celebrated all around the country as a Christian Holiday.

Easter is celebrated in the beginning of spring on Sunday. The precise date of celebration is set according to moon calendar, this year it is April, 8th.

People start preparations seven weeks before Easter, this period is called Great Lent. The week before Easter is called Holy Week. On Bright Saturday, the day before Easter, all churches hold night worships and organize religious processions around churches.

Easter has always been a holiday celebrated with a family and relatives. Everybody exchanges eggs and greets each other with the phrase «Khristos voskres!» (Christ is risen!), which is followed by «Voistinu voskres!» (Truly! He is risen!).

Easter in St Petersburg, RussiaA lot of customs are connected to Easter, and traditional food is one of them. Easter is the day of abundant treats and people try to set the table with the most delicious food.  The main dishes are ritual ones: Easter cakes, Kulich and painted eggs.

Eggs were traditionally painted in red colours as a symbol of Easter. Nowadays, however, people use different shades, designs and paintings for the decoration of the eggs. There’s a very popular traditional Easter game in Russia, which is called Egg tapping.

One holds a hard-boiled egg and taps the egg of another participant with one’s own egg intending to break the other’s, without breaking one’s own.

Another dish, Kulich, is made of yeast dough, and has to be high and round. It usually contains raisin and covered with icing on the top. People believe that good Easter bread ensures well-being of the family.

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