Angetrieben von Leuten

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Anastasia Mishina

Head of Studies

Ananstasia is a graduate of Moscow State Linguistic University. She magically manages the educational process of our students, coordinating both them and teachers. She also has a considerable experience of teaching Russian as foreign language. We appreciate the impact she brings to our Language Center. Always dreaming of new adventures, places and cultures, she is a perpetual engine of our activity, which we are very thankful for! When we asked why she chose Educa, answer followed: “Is there a better place =)?”

Svetlana Sharina

Communications Coordinator

Graduate of the University of Nottingham, Svetlana specializes in International Communications. There could not be a better choice for Educa than this vivid, always smiling young woman. Always communicating and keeping up with the changing situation in the world, she turns the working process into a fairy tale. We asked her, why she chose Educa, well, the answer was “There is no other place where I could both communicate freely and evolve as a professional”.

Natalya Matushina

Head of Marketing

Natalya is a gifted marketer with the degree from St. Petersburg’s State University. As a Head of the Department she brings not only responsibility and creativity to the process, but also all her time. We would not find a more devoted person for this position than her. She creates, analyses and adapts easily and with a certain grace. Again, why Educa? “ Because I love the people here. I enjoy the education sphere as well as marketing, there can be awesome projects done, when those are combined”.


Zhanna Ogurkova

Senior Event Coordinator

We are making all the efforts to enrich our students’ life with bright colors and emotions. The brain behind all the creativity that is happening at our office is our dear Zhanna. Graduate of the Leningrad State University, she is constantly planning and exploring new options for the cultural activities of Saint Petersburg ( trust us, there are so many). She is a walking handbook of Saint Petersburg’s best places to visit. Moreover she makes the office shine with our smiles. There is only one reason, why she is with Educa- “We are now a family and I want every student to understand, that we are a very interesting one”.

Kristina Zdanevich

Booking and Program Coordinator

Kristina is highly treasured by Educa, since her degree in Tourism and Customer Relationships is applied in our job in all possible shapes. Multitasking, open minded, and extremely concentrated on the result, she dedicates all the sparkles of her creativity and interest to us. After 5 years of working together, her opinion about Educa has changed from “very happy to be here” to “ I love my job, I love what I do, I love where all this is heading”.

Elena Bogdan

Finance & Accounting Director

Jokes aside, who would you allow to be responsible for the financial sector of your business? Only the most responsible, rational and competent person can be suitable for such a position. We are lucky that Elena is all mentioned above and even more. It is much easier to create, communicate and develop, when you know you have such a solid wall of experience and effectiveness as your support. As we asked our Fairy of Numbers why she is with Educa she said “ It is much easier to work with numbers, when there are nice colleagues behind them”.


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