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Kevin Anthony Ford, USA, 2014

Many thanks to the professionals from Educa for the excellent preparation.
Kevin Ford  STS-128 Expidition33/34


Briana Openshaw, United Kingdom, 2017

I’m really pleased with the course content, glad we covered lots of stuff. Love thatmy class was so small – only myself and one other student, almost had one-to-one tuition.

My Host Family was so lovely, friendly and welcoming. It was great actually that my host mother spoke no English as it forsed me to work on my Russian at home.

It was my second time here in St. Petersburg, but first time staying so long. Absolutely love it! Desperately want to come back! So much to see and do.

Totally a once in a lifetime experience!

Thank you very much for all of your help! I finally got here after initially planning this over 5 years ago!

I will definately continue learning back home.


Ines Engel , Germany, 2016

Course organiazation and content perfectly suited my needs. Teacher was
exceptional and very easy to talk to, I loved time that I spent
studying. I had a good level of speaking before I came to Educa, but now
my grammar and writing are also at a high level, which I am thankful
for. I fell in love with St. Petersburg, found new friends and was happy
to live in a beautiful and friendly Russian family. I’m sure I will come
to Educa again!

Maria Suviniemi, Finland, 2016

The course was very well organized, I learned a lot during it, considering that I have never studied Russian before.
I liked my teacher a lot, she was very concerned with me learning and understanding the material. In the beginning teacher’s presentation was a bit too fast, but after some time it got better. Assignments I was given were helpful to my understanding of material.

Birgitte Olsen, Norway, 2016

The course organization and its content were good. My teachers were very skilled and I’ve noticed progress after one month of my studies.

Hannah Kordasch, Germany, 2016

My course organization was very good and fluent. My teacher was very nice and easy to communicate with, she made interesting lessons. I liked the way they were structured, which made them not school-like. After two weeks, I already know the basics, conjugation and declination, so I’m very happy!

Mauro Francesconi, Italy, 2016

During the first week of my stay I had an individual tuition and it was very profitable, as we practiced grammar, which I wanted to. Since the arrival of the second student, the teacher’s attention was mostly on her, which I didn’t like. As for my results, I can’t tell them myself and I’d appreciate t know this information from my teacher. Nevertheless, St. Petersburg is a beautiful city and I enjoyed it here.

James Stuart Youlen, USA, 2016

I had individual lessons at EDUCA. The course was well-organized and the content varied, which met my needs. I’ve noticed excellent improvement in speech and comprehension. Natalia did a great job in making the class interesting to me. I very much enjoyed the school. The staff is very helpful and professional. Hopefully, I will return!

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