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Russian Language and Culture Studies

General Russian

Our most popular course and the best choice for those who really like to work in a team and to share their experience

Individual Course

If you prefer to get personal attention and be one-to-one with a teacher - individual course is for you!

Combined Course

Can`t decide between Group and Individual courses? Combine them and get personal attention and practice within the group!

Business Russian

This course is perfect for businessmen who work with Russian partners or for those who want to start business here

Online Tuition

Save your time with online tuition via Skype! For those who are too busy to visit Russia but still want to learn language

Full Immersion

Learn Russian and practice it immediately! Our super intensive course will help not only to speak Russian but also to think in Russian!

Live & Learn

Our most intensive program where you can choose EDUCA Russian teacher as your host family and spend unforgettable time in Saint-Petersburg!

Volunteer and Internship

This program is perfect to get work experience in any area that fits you. Also you can become a part of State Hermitage family by becoming its volunteer

Russian for Kids

Give your child a chance to discover the biggest country in the world! Our team of professional tutors and mentors will take care about all the details!

Since 2003 we have taught 3450 students

Most popular countries for learning Russian with EDUCA: 30% - Germany, 20% - Finland, 15% - USA, 10% - Great Britain

55% of our students speak fluent Russian, 28% - at the intermediate level

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Профессионалам  ЭдуКонсалт. Спасибо за отличную подготовку.
( Many thanks to the professionals from Educa for the excellent preparation. )
Kevin Ford  STS-128 Expidition33/34


Course was absolutely fantastic. Themes and lessons were very very interesting. Teachers were very kind and they always given attention to my individual needs. They were fantastic, everyone was super. Everything was perfect.

Sara, Italy


The course overall was very good. My teachers were very professional, prepared and always able to convey the message and very importantly able to create a connection with the student. All the school staff was very helpful and available when I needed it.

Santiago, Italy


I have a very good opinion about the organisation of the course, teachers take more time on a subject when needed, go faster if it's already known.

Maylis, France

The organisation was convincing, everything was fine. I'm very pleased with the teachers and the course. The lessons were intensive and my Russian certainly improved.

Martina, Bulgaria


Организация хорошая, преподаватили компетентние. Время занятий я могла выберать сама. Поетому я могла учить что мне надо было и когда. Мне очень поняавились преподаватили и уроки. Мне всегда помогали.

Sarah, Switzerland